Selasa, September 02, 2008

Workshop Welding


This is arc welding. Arc welding use an electrode that clip on  to strike on this steel plate. Fuuh along this 3 weeks workshop classes this is the most hard welding that i ever did. As you can see my line is no straight. Usually the house buider will use this thing, i think maybe it more cheap and it easy to move anywhere.

This is my second artwork. We use TIG or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding . Huhu this is more easiest than other two type. TIG has a tungsten electrode in the middle and use inert gas as a shielding gas. Tig is commonly use in big industries, usually it use to weld thin sections of stainless steel and light metal such the base plate that i had used above. The machine is too big to moveout lor.

This is last welding workshop. I just can make only half from whole plate adeh.This aluminium base plate and it use aluminium electrode to strike on this plate.This is call MIG (Metal inert gas). It use argon to melt the aluminium electrode and i think it much more powerful brightning than other two type.

Arc welding
Safety First - Shahidi

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